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FRESH MONKEY FUND IT... What's that?

Glad you asked. Fresh Monkey Fund It is our own version of Kickstarter.

We've decided to not go to Kickstarter for our next few lines, but instead are doing our own version of a crowd funding campaign.

This new approach will allow us to have a more flexible pre-order system via Backerkit so we can manage our orders.  

Here are our current campaigns:

Fresh Monkey Fund It: AMAZING HEROES WAVE 5

We need to raise $15k to put our next wave of Amazing Heroes Retroverse figures into production. You can pre-order these figures now as part of our next "Fresh Monkey Fund It" campaign. We're currently at $5k toward our funding goal and we have until September 1st to raise the remaining funds. Let's keep this line alive and get these figures made.

Get all the details on the Fresh Monkey Fund It Amazing Heroes Wave 5 page

Fresh Monkey Fund It:


We're prepping this wave now and hope to launch a Fresh Monkey Fund It campaign in August.

Fresh Monkey Fund It:


We've successfully funded our 1st Fresh Monkey Fund It campaign for our Larry Hama Ver 2 figure.

For those that missed out on our Kickstarter we are offering a 2nd version of our Larry Hama action figure. This version includes updated packaging art by Adam Riches, a set of interchangeable hands and USS Flagg hat designed by Troy Mackie. 

Pre-orders are open now on the Larry Hama V2 Fresh Monkey Fund It page until September 1st.


Amazing Heroes Wave 4 - On Sale Now!

Our remaining stock of Amazing Heroes Wave 4 have now been listed on our web store.

Stock is very limited as a majority of these figures were exclusive to our crowd funding campaign. Sadly, some backer's credit cards were declined and we were left with some overhead stock so we are now offering the remaining inventory in our store.


"Show Don't Tell" - Fresh Monkey Sneak Peeks!

Here are a couple of images of things we currently have in development. Follow us on social media for more updates on the progress of these projects.

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