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Eagle Force 40th Anniversary Update 01

Hey everyone.. we’ll be doing our updates here on the FMF News Page for the Eagle Force 40th Anniversary Event.

We’re a little over a week in to our Eagle Force 40th Anniversary Event. Sales started promising, so much so BBTS decided to unlock a wave 3 vs unlocking a character at a time, so we’re much further along than I thought we’d be. Which is great news!! You all are amazing!

You might be wondering why stretch goal the meter hasn’t moved much in a week. It’s because we’re not doing as many sales with Eagle Force 40th Anniversary Wave 3 as we’d like to see. Numbers were strong initially but so far, the newest wave is not seeing the sales numbers of Wave 1 or 2. We have over 18 figures for pre-order now (plus pre-orders for wave 4&5) so we understand fans pockets are not deep. Also despite the loud voices for our classic gold characters, we’re not seeing sales to indicate that there is a huge demand for classics versions of our team. This is the big advantage in going with BBTS we can see real time sales numbers. If we used Kickstarter we would not know our sales per SKU until we finalized the backer kit post campaign.

Just as an example, we’re moving about 300 pcs of the classic gold figures, while the more modern and Monster Force figures are doing 2-3 times that in sales. Normally you are not going to see sales figures like this from any company, but those who have followed our lines know that Fresh Monkey is not like most other companies. We pride ourselves on being transparent and work hard to produce smaller runs of factory produced figures to get them in your hands. We take feedback very seriously and try to incorporate that into the figures we make. All that said, sales data is super important, it helps us separate the voices (many of them being very loud) and how that really translates into actual sales.

So what does all this mean. The bottom line is unless we see a huge uptick in sales, unlocking that many more stretch goals during this event is going to be a challenge. Maybe, like Kickstarter, we’ll see more of an uptick in sales as we get to the end of the event, but this is a new model for both us and BBTS.

If you are thinking about a pre-order, don't wait. Get your orders in now. It would be great for folks to share on social and if you have connections for press, please reach out to them to see if they'll share or even contact us for an interview.

BBTS loves Eagle Force and wants to support the line, but they need to see sales in the upwards of 400+ pcs per SKU to invest more in the line. As you have seen on our social media posts we have planned MANY classic gold figures, but even with all the paid marketing and PR we did this time, the current sales say more folks like the modern interpretations.

Does that mean classic gold figures are dead? No, not at all but it does mean you might only see 1 or 2 classics figures per wave on a go forward. We doubled down on gold classic figures for the Eagle Force 40th Anniversary and we are committed to doing more, but unless we see a huge uptick in sales don’t expect to see them dominate future assortments.

Keep that feedback coming! We'll plan on doing blog updates like this at least once a week, as well as post on our social channels.


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