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2022 will mark the 40th Anniversary of Eagle Force.

Fresh Monkey Fiction has partnered with BigBadToyStore to offer an exclusive line of Eagle Force 40th Anniversary action figures.


In celebration, BigBadToyStore is offering over 30 exclusive, 40th Anniversary figures. You can pre-order them at the link below. 


Eagle Force fans should follow Fresh Monkey Fiction on social media for updates as well as our updates section below.

Thanks to all our fans for participating in our pre-order Event 




We did it!  We unlocked over 

30 Eagle Force Figures! 

We just wrapped up our Eagle Force 40th Anniversary Event. This includes over 3 waves of figures plus 15 stretch goal figures.. so over 30 figures that will join the line up over the next 2 years.   I know we didn’t hit all our stretch goals, but that doesn’t mean it's over for some of those characters. I promise they will turn up in future waves in 2022, plus we have even more surprises planned for 2022. Look for Eagle Force Wave 7 to be revealed next summer, as we work on the 40th Anniversary assortment. Thank you all for putting in pre-orders and for BBTS for giving a lot of support to the line to get us here.  We would not be here without you. 

The figures that did make it will remain as open pre-orders till mid 2022 when we’ll have to lock down numbers for production. We’ll be sure to let folks know via social media when they lock down, so you get in your final orders. 

We’ll keep posting on social media with updates including final tweaks to the figures, bio cards, production progress,  packaging art and more.  Lots of work for us to get going on these characters, but I’m go glad we’re able to move them into production. 

Thanks again!!! 




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Originally debuting almost 40 years ago, Eagle Force was a 3" die-cast action figure military-themed toy line created and designed by Bill Baron and Paul Kirchner. Even though only the initial assortment made it to toy shelves, it was enough to introduce us to Captain Eagle and his team of top military specialists with codenames such as Sgt. Brown, Big Bro, Harley, Turk and The Cat. They battled the evil forces of R.I.O.T. (Roving International Organization of Tyranny), lead by the evil General Mamba, assisted by Baron Von Chill, Nemesis the Saboteur, Savitar the Ninja, and an army of R.I.O.T. Shock Troopers.


In 2017 Fresh Monkey Fiction and Zica Toys brought back Eagle Force for a new generation with the successful Eagle Force Returns Kickstarter campaign with over 4 Waves encompassing over 30 action figures.