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From the World of Eagle Force comes

A new line of 
18th Scale Action Figures inspired by the vintage 1980s Eagle Force
toy line.

Now Available Exclusively at
www.BigBadToyStore. com




In the early 1980s, the world teetered on the brink of chaos as the malevolent terrorist organization R.I.O.T. (Roving International Organization of Tyranny) threatens global peace and stability. In response, the United States Government assembled an elite team of special forces soldiers known as Eagle Force. 


Stationed at their top-secret military base, Eagle Island, these extraordinary individuals are led by the indomitable Captain Eagle, a battle-hardened warrior with an unbreakable spirit. Each Eagle Force member is carefully selected from armed forces units from across the globe and each brings their unique skills and unwavering dedication to the fight against tyranny.


Their mission: to dismantle R.I.O.T and thwart the sinister plans of General Mamba, the ruthless dictator at its helm. With an army of highly-trained R.I.O.T Shock Troopers and a cadre of cunning military specialists, Mamba's grip on global dominance tightens by the day.


As the tension escalates, secrets are revealed, alliances tested, and sacrifices made. The fate of the free world hangs in the balance, and Eagle Force must summon every ounce of their courage and expertise to defeat R.I.O.T.’s nefarious plot for global domination and restore peace.

Fresh Monkey Fiction presents Eagle Force '81:  Eagle Force '81 figures are exclusively available at BigBadToyStore.
Each 1:18th scale Eagle Force '81 action figure includes over 18 points-of-articulation and includes accessories such as: alternate portraits, interchangeable hands, plus display base for easy posing and display!

Eagle forece logo.png




John Eagle's life was steeped in the military, a legacy from his decorated World War II hero father. Guided by honor, loyalty, and duty, he enlisted at eighteen, anticipating conflict in Southeast Asia. Overseas, he became a beacon for young, uncertain soldiers, offering guidance and support.

Ascending the ranks, he collaborated with elite forces, leading surgical strikes against foreign targets. His name echoed in the corridors of power. Returning home, he grappled with the public's reaction to veterans. Immersed in military service and studies, he delved into falconry and aviary pursuits, particularly drawn to birds of prey.

In the early 80's Eagle's expertise in counterterrorism led him to the Middle East, advising foreign special operations. When R.I.O.T. seized Zambriot, he teamed up with General Mamba, only to be betrayed and gravely injured. Back in the U.S., he assessed R.I.O.T.'s global impact.

Impressed by his resolve, Washington promoted him to Captain, entrusting him with leading the Eagle Force initiative against the growing R.I.O.T. threat.


(Roving International Organization of Tyranny)





General Mamba, a man with insatiable ambitions, never settled for ruling just Zambriot. From the outset, his gaze was fixed on global dominion.


Trained by U.N. coalition forces, he concealed his true intentions, biding his time for the opportune moment. During a heroic mission at a U.S. embassy, Mamba's treachery knew no bounds; he betrayed Captain Eagle, orchestrating a coup and seizing power in the authoritarian state.

Mamba's hunger for supremacy transcends mortal realms, delving into the supernatural to fortify his empire. Fear is a foreign concept on the battlefield; he leads his troops from the front, a commanding presence that instills unwavering loyalty. 

His vision extends beyond borders, aiming to subjugate every corner of the globe. Only Captain Eagle and the stalwart Eagle Force stand resolute against his unquenchable thirst for world domination.


General Mamba's name is echoed with dread across nations, a testament to the depths one man can sink in pursuit of boundless power.



Read about the origins of Eagle Force with these mini comics. Discover more about Eagle Force '81 with more mini comics included on the back of each Eagle Force'81 action figure. 




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