From Fresh Monkey Fiction comes the newest wave of Amazing Heroes.Wave 7 includes Cassie Hack, Miss Fury,Miss Masque,Black Cat,Phantom Lady,Queen of the Jungle,Lady Satan, Fantomah, Bullet Girl and The Blank Slate

Finally the ALL FEMALE WAVE of Amazing Heroes is here!


This much anticipated wave of heroines is now available to pre-order exclusively at BIG BAD TOY STORE


Amazing Heroes action figures are produced in small numbers, sometimes as low as 100 pcs per character. Thanks to our amazing fans we have been able to produce 6 waves of figures, but to make the line a success we needed the support of not only our amazing fans but a larger distributor like Big Bad Toy Store. 


Thanks to Big Bad Toy Store we are now able to offer Amazing Heroes to a larger audience in hopes we can get enough pre-orders to produce this wave. 


That’s right, we need to hit a targeted number of pre-orders to get this wave produced. I’ll say it again we need your support to make this wave a reality. 


We’ll be offering these figures for pre-order though July 15th. You can track our progress by following the percentage meter on the right of this page. If we hit 100% by July 15th we’ll move this wave into production.  


Your pre-order will show BBTS that you want this line to continue and will allow them to continue to support future waves of Amazing Heroes. 


If you want to see the line continue please consider buying some figures or if you're so inclined the full set before our preorder window closes on JULY 15th, 2021. 




Expected Delivery

Q1 2022

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Who are the Amazing Heroes?

For those of you new to Amazing Heroes, the Retroverse line is inspired by vintage action figures from the 1980’s such as Secret Wars and Super Powers. Each figure stands 4.5” tall and has 5 classic points of articulation (POA).

The Retroverse collection features classic Golden Age comic book characters such as Black Terror, Golden Age Daredevil, Green Turtle and Stardust, along with more modern characters like Captain Action, Madman, Mr Monster, Badger and E-Man. 


Cassandra "Cassie"  Hack was an ordinary outcast high school nerdgirl until her mother, Delilah, was discovered to be a serial killer (dubbed "The Lunch Lady") who had been murdering the students who had been bullying her daughter.  

Cassie managed to save the life of her mother's last victim, but was forced to witness her mother's death when she committed suicide. Feeling responsible for the deaths, Cassie wanders the USA, channeling her guilt and pain into hunting down and destroying the other slashers who stalk the nation.

$26.99 - Standard Version

Delivery Q1 2022


Fantomah was created by Fletcher Hanks, she 1st appeared in Jungle Comics #2 (Feb. 1940).

Fantomah, the "Mystery Woman of the Jungle," is a mysterious goddess-like being who protects the jungles of Africa. She has vast magical power, to the point of being practically omnipotent, and can transform herself into a frightening blue phantom/skeleton creature with blonde hair.

$26.99 - Standard Version

Delivery Q1 2022


Phantom Lady was created by Arthur Peddy, she 1st appeared in Police Comics #1 (1941).

Sandra Knight, the daughter of Senator Henry Knight, is a Washington D.C. socialite who fights crime as the costumed heroine known as the Phantom Lady. She has no super powers. She is, however, a skilled fighter and uses a blacklight ray (like the Owl) to project darkness and make herself invisible.

$26.99 - Standard Version

Delivery Q1 2022


Miss Fury was created by June Tarpe, she 1st appeared in the Black Fury Newspaper Strip in 1941.  

Miss Fury is a skilled athlete, acrobat, climber, and fighter. Her panther suit was supposedly enchanted by a witch doctor.  Miss Fury has been identified as the first female superhero created and drawn by a woman cartoonist.

$26.99 - Standard Version

Delivery Q3 2021


Miss Masque 1st appeared in Exciting Comics #51 (Sep 1946).

Miss Masque is the masked identity of Diana Adams, a young socialite who decides to fight crime and injustice in disguise.     Miss Masque has no super powers but relies on her wit and a pair of pistols.

$26.99 - Standard Version

Delivery Q3 2021


The Queen of the Jungle was the child of a famous explorer. Her father, on an expedition with his daughter, was accidentally killed by a native witch doctor. The witch doctor raised her as his own daughter because he felt it was his duty. Once grown, she became queen of the jungle.

$26.99 - Standard Version

Delivery Q1 2022


Black Cat was created by Alfred Harvey & Al Gabriele, she 1st appeared in Pocket Comics #1 (August 1941).

Black Cat has no superpowers but is a skilled fighter, knows karate and acrobatics, and is good with javelin and lariat.

$26.99 - Standard Version

Delivery Q3 2021


Bullet Girl was created by Bill Parker & Jon Smalle, she 1st appeared in Nickel Comics #1 (1940).

Susan Kent is the girlfriend of Jim Barr and also the daughter of a police sergeant. Susan discovered that her boyfriend is actually the super hero Bulletman. Bulletman builds a gravity-regulating helmet so Susan can team up with him and fight crime as Bulletgirl.

Bulletgirl has increased strength due to her taking a dose of Bulletman's super-strength serum, and her helmet allows her to fly and repel bullets.

$26.99 - Standard Version

Delivery Q1 2022


The Blank Slate comes with swappable parts so you can customize her into your favorite hero.  

$26.99 - Standard Version

Delivery Q1 2022