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Eagle Force 40th Anniversary Update 02

Hey everyone, as we round our 3rd week of the Eagle Force 40th Anniversary Event we have a great announcement.

After unlocking 3 waves of Eagle Force 40th Anniversary figures our partner BigBadToyStore wanted to unlock a few more figures, but we were unsure of which one we should unlock given sales for the previous 3 waves.

So we thought lets extend the event for the next 30 days, offer 18 new figures and let the pre-order numbers tell us which ones we should move into production.

Starting today BBTS as listed the following 18 figures. These figures we’ll be up for pre-order for the next month, see our countdown clock on the Eagle Force 40th Anniversary Event page.

Each figure has meter on the Eagle Force 40th Anniversary Event page. As pre-order sales numbers come in (every few days) we’ll update the meter on each figure. Once the figure reaches 500 units pre-ordered we’ll move that figure into production. If we don’t hit the 500 MOQ (minimum order quantity) with 30 days this figure will not be produced and the figure will be canceled from your order. You are not charged until the figure ships from BBTS so you will not need to be refunded.

Please note, this does not mean the figure might not be offered again in the future, it just means it won’t enter the production cycle as part of the Eagle Force 40th Anniversary Event.

Please note the figures for the Eagle Force 40th Anniversary Event will ship in waves starting in late 2022 thru mid 2023. They will not all be delivered at once. Although you can use the BBTS pile of loot feature to hold your order (up to 90 days) until you want it shipped to you.

We’re excited to see how many of these amazing figures we can unlock over the next 30 days. Please get your order in now and spread the word so we can reach our MOQ.


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2 comentários

10 de jun. de 2023

I'm sorry I don't have Facebook. Or Twitter. Or insta. I'm a caveman.

I see BBTS still has open preorders in 2023. Anyway to know if they are going into production?

Thank you.

Fresh Monkey Fiction
Fresh Monkey Fiction
11 de jun. de 2023
Respondendo a

The will be going into production later this year.

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