Transported to a strange world by a mysterious villain from beyond the stars, Earth’s most AMAZING HEROES fight their fiercest enemies in a hidden battle to save the universe from annihilation.


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For those of you who have been collecting Amazing Heroes you know it's time for us to upgrade our line with some new parts and heads. If you are new to Amazing Heroes you can read more about our line here


We've previously used Kickstarter to fund our Amazing Heroes line but we are going to try something new this time.  We are not going the Kickstarter route, but instead are doing our own version of a crowd funding campaign we've called JUMPSTARTER. This new approach will allow us to be more flexible with our rewards and leverage a pre-order system via Backerkit to manage our orders.  


If we can achieve our funding goal of by the end of January 2020 we'll be able to fund the costs for tooling the following new parts and heads.

To make this happen we are offering the following new fan requested figures for pre-order. Many of these figures are limited and exclusive to this Jumpstarter campaign and will NOT be offered again outside of these pre-orders. Each figure comes in collector friendly packaging with both a Golden Age card back as well as a Modern Art card back by the talented Chris Malgrain used with permission from Temporal Comics

The Jumpstarter Exclusive Blue Beetle figure Includes an exclusive paint deco, extra Dan Garret head and swappable Modern and Golden Age interchangeable backer cards to use in our collector friendly packaging. This figure is limited to only 100 pcs.

$40 USD

The Jumpstarter Exclusive  Magno, The Magnetic Man figure includes swappable Modern and Golden Age interchangeable backers cards to use in our collector friendly packaging. This figure is limited to only 100 pcs.

$40 USD

The villainous Rubberman figure Includes 2 extra henchmen heads and swappable Modern and Golden Age (Jumpstarter Exclusive art by CoInk Adink) interchangeable backer cards to use in our collector friendly packaging. 

$25 USD

The Jumpstarter Exclusive Fantom of the Fair figure includes 2 extra heads and swappable Modern and Golden Age interchangeable backer cards to use in our collector friendly packaging. The Fantom of the Fair figure is limited to only 100 pcs and is only offered as part of the Wave 4 set. 

The Jumpstarter Exclusive Wave 4 Set includes: Blue Beetle, Magno, Rubberman and exclusive to this set the Fantom of the Fair figure.

$150 USD

If you'd like to see more new parts and heads offered for future figures, as well as these awesome new figures please review the following terms and conditions, then place your pre-order on our Backerkit store starting November 11th. Follow us on social media & join our mailing list below for all the latest updates.



If we exceed to our funding goal past $15,000.00 we'll include a Blue Flame figure as an extra bonus figure if you pre-order the Amazing Heroes Wave 4 set.  


The Jumpstarter Exclusive Blue Flame figure includes both Modern and Golden Age interchangeable backers cards to use in our collector friendly packaging. This figure is limited to only 100 pcs.


What's Amazing Heroes?

For those of you new to Amazing Heroes, the Retroverse line is inspired by vintage action figures from the 1980’s such as Secret Wars and Super Powers. Each figure stands 4.5” tall and has 5 classic points of articulation (POA). The Retroverse collection features classic Golden Age comic book characters such as Black Terror, Golden Age Daredevil, Green Turtle and Stardust, along with more modern characters like Captain Action and Mike Allred’s Madman. 


Terms and Conditions 

By purchasing these items through the Fresh Monkey Fiction website, you acknowledge that this a pre-order sale for the item(s) in your cart, along with the following:

  • The purchase being a pre-order, these items will be delivered in early Summer of 2020, currently slated for arrival to the US on or about May 1st.

  • You must agree to use Backerkit to manage your pre-order.

  • Your card will NOT be charged when you place your order. We will ONLY charge cards when we have reached our funding goal outlined above. If we DO NOT meet our funding goal by the end of Jan 2020, cards will not be charged and these figures will not be produced.

  • Once the product is received from our factory these items will be inventoried and then we will begin shipping to all pre-order customers. Fulfillment of all pre-orders is expected to take up to 4 weeks.

  • Postage totals are estimates based on USPS rates at the time of billing.

  • Public updates on production and timelines will be available via the Fresh Monkey Fiction social media sites, including Facebook & Instagram as well as the Fresh Monkey Fiction mailing list. To insure you have all the latest update we encourage you to sign up to our mailing list to get our monthly newsletter. 

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