Friday, July 18, 2014

Amazing Heroes arrive at SDCC '14

San Diego Comic Con is fast approaching and Fresh Monkey Fiction will be there to take it head on to spread the word about their crowd-funded Amazing Heroes action figure line. Launched just last week, Amazing Heroes hopes to bring four classic and cult heroes to life as 1980s style vintage 4” action figures. The first wave includes Captain Action, the Golden Age Dare-Devil, Black Terror, and Stardust the Super-Wizard—with stretch goal figures of Champion of Mars and Silver Streak.

Fresh Monkey Fiction will be at the Captain Action Custom Figure Contest, Thursday, at 3:30 in Room: 24ABC. There with Captain Action Enterprises, we’ll answer any and all questions about the Amazing Heroes Kickstarter and its exclusive Captain Action figure.

We’re also running the “Find Fresh Monkey Fiction” contest during San Diego Comic Con from July 23-27.

If you are attending Comic Con just find someone wearing a Fresh Monkey Fiction t-shirt, come across one of our SDCC flyers, or find a cosplayer dressed as an Amazing Hero—Captain Action, the Golden Age Dare-Devil, Black Terror, or Stardust the Super Wizard—take a photo with the hashtag #AmazingHero (and tag the Amazing Heroes Facebook page in any FB posts), and a link to our Kickstarter on any social media.

 It will instantly enter you in our contest to win one of our cool prizes:

 1st Prize - Original Amazing Heroes Sketch

A original sketch by Tom Fowler (Venom, Green Arrow), artist of the comic book page that's on the back of the Amazing Heroes packaging. He'll do an original sketch of the any wave 1 Amazing Hero character of your choice.

 2nd Prize - Toys, Comics, and Shirts

Toys, comics and Fresh Monkey Fiction t-shirts have be donated from the following friends of Fresh Monkey Fiction: Captain Action Enterprises. MonOrMonster Studios, Wheelhouse, Zica Toys, CKRTLAB ToysFirst Second Books and Haggards Fine Furniture.

 3rd Prize – XL Fresh Monkey Fiction T-shirt

If you are enjoying the show from home, just relax and share the Amazing Heroes Kickstarter on any social media with the hashtag #AmazingHero (and tag the Amazing Heroes Facebook page in any FB posts). It will instantly enter you in our contest to win a Black Terror figure from CKRTLAB Toys and a Fresh Monkey Fiction t-shirt.

 The initial Amazing Heroes press release can be found here, while the Amazing Heroes Kickstarter campaign runs until August 26th.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Amazing Heroes Kickstarter is now LIVE!!!

We've just officially launched the Amazing Heroes Kickstarter. You can find it HERE. Here is the official press release.

Fresh Monkey Fiction launches Amazing Heroes Retro Super Hero action figure line

Fresh Monkey Fiction brings classic super heroes to life with Amazing Heroes Kickstarter

Los Angeles, CA. (July 12, 2014) – Fresh Monkey Fiction announces the crowdsourcing campaign for their long awaited Amazing Heroes retro action figure line of classic Golden Age superheroes. This 4.5” action figure line brings a handful of cult characters to life, with both collectability and playability in mind.

For most of these characters, it will be the first time they have ever been made into action figure form.

"With The Amazing Heroes line we hope to invoke a bit of vintage nostalgia as we pay homage to the mid '80s super hero toy lines that many of us grew up with," says Fresh Monkey Founder Bill Murphy.

Getting these classic cult heroes made into action figures has been a dream of Bill Murphy’s, going back to his childhood desire to play with them alongside the then-current superhero toy lines.

The inclusion of Captain Action—the first superhero figure, officially licensed by Captain Action Enterprises—brings a gravitas to the line.

Series 1 will include the following classic heroes:

Black Terror – “Golden Age Crime Fighter”
Golden Age Dare-Devil – “Avenging Hero”
Stardust – “The Super Wizard”
Captain Action – “The Original Super Hero Action Figure”

Also included is The Blank State, a customizable figure dubbed the “Villainous Copycat”.

The 40 day Kickstarter campaign for Amazing Heroes features two stretch goal figures: the Champion of Mars (“Hero of the Red Planet”) and Silver Streak (“The Red-Clad Speedster”). Incentives include the PDF Amazing Heroes Handbook with essays by comic book historian Christopher Irving (Leaping Tall Buildings: The Origins of American Comics, with photographer Seth Kushner) and Golden Age comic stories, as well as a chance for donors to have their own characters customized as either a one-off or for 300 units. Contributors can also order a case of 300 figures of another Golden Age figure—Daredevil in yellow and blue, Vulcan, The Liberator, or Lash Lightning—that will never again be made into an Amazing Hero.

To celebrate the Kickstarter, Fresh Monkey Fiction will run a “Find the Fresh Monkey” contest at San Diego Comic Con. If you find someone with a Fresh Monkey t-shirt, take a pic, then share it with the link to the Kickstarter on Facebook or Twitter, you will be registered to win a variety of prizes—including original art, comics, toys and t-shirts from some of our industry sponsors. Find out more details about this contest on our website next week.

We’ll also be attending the Captain Action Custom Figure Contest, Thursday, at 3:30 in Room: 24ABC to support our pals with Captain Action Enterprises and to answer any and all questions about Amazing Heroes.

The Amazing Heroes Kickstarter launches today, with a goal of $30,000.00, at

About Fresh Monkey Fiction
Fresh Monkey Fiction LLC is dedicated to telling stories through art and design. We’re building a business model around leveraging the power of crowd funding to bring great products to the collector. Our motto is “If you support it, we will make it”. Our goal is to create amazing collectibles that encourage fans to explore the depths of their imagination and tell great stories. If we can bring a little bit of playful imagination to someone's day, we've done our job.  Discover your imagination at

About Captain Action Enterprises
As Retropreneurs, Captain Action Enterprises, LLC specializes in taking old properties and rejuvenating them for a new generation. Captain Action appears in an on-going comic book series, lithographs, statues, action figures, T-shirts, model kits and more. Additional properties include Captain Action Cat, the Zeroids and Savage Beauty. For additional information, please contact Ed Catto at

Captain Action, Lady Action, The Zeroids and related characters are  ©2014 and ™ Captain Action Enterprises, LLC.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Survey for the next Amazing Heroes figures on now!!!!

We just posted a survey for what order the Amazing Heroes Kickstarter stretch goal figures should be offered . If we're lucky enough to achieve both the Campion of Mars and Silver Steak stretch goals we'll move on to this list. The most popular will be offered 1st , then the next, and so on and so on. The survey will be active for the next 60 days, right up until we launch the Kickstarter in August. The order will be revealed during the campaign. You can vote by going to this survey here:

I ask that you please only vote once.

Feel free to share with our fans what order you voted over on Facebook!!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

The final reveal for Amazing Heroes.

We're happy to announce that the golden age speedster Sliver Streak will be included in our Amazing Heroes line up as a Fresh Monkey Fiction/Kickstarter Exclusive Stretch Goal. 

A taxi driver was hypnotized by a mysterious swami who enjoyed building race cars. The swami's best race car, the Silver Streak, seemed to be targeted by someone or something, for every time someone drove it, they were attacked and killed by a giant insect. The taxi driver was next to drive the Silver Streak, but like his predecessors he was attacked and killed.  The swami brought him back to life and injected a  "secret fluid" into his blood which allowed him to defy gravity. Motivated by a strong desire to make the world a better place, the taxi driver donned a colorful costume and fought against crime, Nazi spies, and The Claw, calling himself “Silver Streak” after the race car he was killed in.
Plus the best part is if we meet this Stretch Goal and you purchase all 5 Amazing Heroes figures, you'll get Silver Streak for FREE....that's right FREE. So please help us spread the word that the Kickstarter goes live in August.

Don't forget to like us on Facebook and let us know what you think. 

Friday, April 25, 2014

Announcing the Champion of Mars figure...and a potential DIY version.

Our 1st Kickstarter/ Fresh Monkey Fiction exclusive figure made his big debut on Action Figure Insider yesterday. I wanted to post a pic here as well. Our plan is for him to come with a sword.

Also we've been tossing around the idea of a DIY "Blank" version of our figure for those of you who like to customize their figures. If you have any interested in this please head over to this post on our Facebook page and let us know what you think.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Amazing Heroes now available for pre-order at Big Bad Toy Store

Some of you have asked about Amazing Heroes being offered as pre-orders at BigBadToyStore. This was done to support the July Kickstarter campaign. As much as we love Kickstarter the reality is some folks are uncomfortable with using Kickstater so we wanted a way for those fans to get ahold of the figures. Joel at BBTS has been super supportive of the line, he reached out to us and made this happen. They want this line to happen as much as we do. We couldn't be happier to have them as a distribution partner.

Now all that said, going the Kickstarter route is the preferred way to get Amazing Heroes as there will be Kickstarter exclusive figures, as well as some amazing stretch goals that will allow you to get more for your dollar.

So if you are not a fan of Kickstarter head over to BBTS and place an order today, but if you are a Kickstarter supporter then I encourage you to wait and see what we have planned for July.

As always if you have any questions let us know.
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