Sunday, September 13, 2015

Amazing Heroes in progress pics

Here are some pics of the figures from the factory. We'll have these for sale on our site toward the end of the year.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Amazing Heroes Pre-Orders now open until March 20th

Do you miss out on the Amazing Heroes Kickstarter? Well now is your chance to pre-order Amazing Heroes actions figures at the Kickstarter prices. From today until March 20th you can pre-order all the Amazing Heroes figures including limited signed editions by some of your favorite creators.

Go to our Fundafull store to place your pre-order today.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Open letter to the fans of Amazing Heroes, we need your support.

Thanks to you, we were able to successfully fund the first Amazing Heroes Retro Action Figure Kickstarter this summer.

We’ve gotten so close to funding our Kickstarter for Wave 1.5, which allows us to not only get those stretch goal figures of Champion of Mars and Silver Streak produced, but lets us make an official figure of Mike Allred’s Madman! 

On top of that, we have special Artist Edition cards drawn by comics luminaries Mike Allred (Madman and Golden Age Dare-Devil), Tom Fowler (Black Terror), Reilly Brown (Champion of Mars), Erik Larsen (Stardust), Sonny Liew (Green Turtle), Phil Hester (Captain Action), and Tim Seeley (Silver Streak); they’ll even have original comic strips written by Christopher Irving and drawn by each respective artist on back.  You can read the Wave 1.5 story from Chris’ perspective, for Bleeding Cool.

With just a few days left, we have just under 3K left to pull in before our deadline of December 21st.

And this is where YOU can come in, and where we really need your help: if you want to add even more to the Wave 1 figures you have coming to you next summer, be sure to pledge now for one or more of our unique incentives, from figures to vinyl stickers to signed Artist Editions. But also of great help is sharing the link for Amazing Heroes through social media like Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus—even word of mouth and emailing out makes a huge difference.

Remember, we can’t do this without you! We’re counting on you as both our partners and brand advocates. 1.5 will give us a beefier line, and make it possible for us to bring out even more unique and unusual Amazing Heroes when we get Wave 2 together in 2015.


Bill Murphy

Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Amazing Heroes Wave 1.5 Kickstarter is now LIVE.

You've been asking how to get Silver Streak and Champion of Mars, well now is your chance. Head on over to the New Amazing Heroes Wave 1.5 Kickstarter and help us get them funded. We've even got a reward for both of them together to save you a little money.

We're also offering ALL the original figures from Wave 1 but this time as Artist Editions.

Don't worry you don't need to re-order the same figures, if you're just wanting the interchangeable Artist Edition card backs you can order those as well, individually or as a set. Plus we also have Golden Age Card backs if you're a fan of classic golden age art.

Plus to we're super excited to announce the stretch goal this round is Mike Allred's Madman. In order to unlock Madman we need to raise $20,000.00, so please share this link to the kickstarter and help us spread the word.

Let us know if you have any questions and thanks again for supporting Amazing Heroes.

Friday, August 29, 2014

It's official Amazing Heroes is going to be a toy line!!!

You all did it, you made Amazing Heroes a reality!!! Thanks to all of you we'll finally have action figures of our favorite heroes. We could not be more excited!! Thank you all for making this happen. We can't wait to get started.

Now to answer the big question. How can we get Champion of Mars and Silver Streak?

We didn't quite make our stretch goals, but we've got some plans in motion to try to make these 2 figures available. If we're lucky and with some generous help from some "special guests" we might be able to offer these figures sooner than we think. We'll keep you updated as things fall into place.

Thanks again for all your support. We are truly humbled by the support you have put toward this project. We're looking forward to moving on to the next phase of bringing Amazing Heroes to life.

Please remember to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for all the latest information.

Bill Murphy 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Amazing Heroes Action Figures adds Amazing Man in its final week on Kickstarter.

Fresh Monkey Fiction partners with Gallant Comics to add Amazing Man to its line of 4.5" retro inspired action figures.

With only a week left to reach it's funding goal, Gallant Comics has jumped head first into the Amazing Heroes Kickstarter in order to produce a limited amount of Amazing Man action figures based on their comic book John Aman: Amazing Man. Fans of the Amazing Heroes Kickstarter will be able to order their own Amazing Man figure directly from Gallant Comics in June 2015. 

Amazing Man joins the line up of Black Terror, Captain Action, Stardust the Super Wizard, The original Dare-Devil, The Green Turtle and The Blank Slate. You can read the further adventures of Gallant Comic's John Aman: Amazing Man at

Fresh Monkey Fiction has also announced that a limited amount of The Green Turtle action figures are now available for $25.00 through the Kickstarter campaign. The Green Turtle is featured in the acclaimed graphic novel "TheShadow Hero" by Gene Luen Yang (American Born Chinese) and Sonny Liew (My Faith in Frankie). Originally offered exclusively as part of a 6 figure set, Fresh Monkey Fiction has set aside 100 units of this limited edition figure so you can now order him individually.

There are only 7 days left to raise the remaining $9,000 for these figures to be produced. In order for Amazing Man, Green Turtle and the rest of the Amazing Heroes to be manufactured the Kickstarter will need to reach it's full funding goal of $30,000 by August 25th. To help support the campaign please visit:

Let’s get this retro line of heroes rolling.
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