The Official Eagle Force Handbook: Volume 101 (Digital)

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With the ever growing universe, we decided it was time for a proper Eagle Force Handbook that would allow readers to learn more about all the characters from the world of Eagle Force. Our first volume, The Official Eagle Force Handbook: Volume 101 includes over 25 character profiles spotlighting the following characters:

Captain Eagle • General Mamba • Dracula • Savitar • Santini III • Firebug Trooper • Nameless Soldier • The Cat • Mastivf • Kayo • Eagle Force Officer • Hornet • Mr Legacy • The Face • Chatsworth • Barron Von Chill VIII • R.I.O.T. Commandos • Captain Hawkins • Officer O'Malley and MORE....

With contributions from Christopher Irving (Eagle Force: The Cat novels, Leaping Tall Buildings), Justin Bell (Eagle Force Returns webcomic, War of the Three Planets), Vito Delsante (Stray, Batman Adventures) and Sean Rourke (Pendragon Armada). Plus artwork by Paul Kirshner, Steven Butler, Miguel Angel Ruiz, Mitch Ballard and Chris Malgrain. And graphic design by Richard J. Fowlks (Back Issue Magazine, IDW's Full Bleed)

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