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Eagle Force Pulp #1: The Cat in Eight Lives Left

New York City. 1978. A heist gone wrong sends cat burglar Lee Fine (aka The Cat) into the world of espionage. Forced to work with the eponymous Agency, Fine must work one more job for both his freedom, and the safety of the country. Before becoming a member of superspy group Eagle Force, The Cat must first make the leap from criminal to hero--or something in-between.


Eagle Force Pulp #3: The Cat in Face the Night

1980. Lee Fine has had two years to become the spy The Agency always hoped he'd be. His experience is about to be put to the test by the emergence of the enigmatic Direktor and his terrorist organization, R.I.O.T. With the help of the legendary Face, The Cat and his teammates travel to the nation's capital to stop this new threat before it engulfs the worldstage.


Eagle Force Pulp #2: The Cat in Seize the Castle

1978. The Cat's reputation is about to get the better of him, as the Baron of a self-made country takes a keen interest in his life as a cat burglar--and his secret one as a spy. As Lee Fine continues to follow the trail of the Eye of Anubis, he more than meets his match in Baron Von Chill. Can he make it off The Black Isle alive?


Eagle Force Pulp #4: The Cat in Search and Destroy

1980. As R.I.O.T. mercilessly attacks The Agency and her allies, The Cat realizes it will take a team--or something like one--to bring an end to The Direktor's reign of terror. In Search and Destroy, Lee Fine allies with an unlikely group of warriors led by Jay Blackrope. When it's all over, nothing will ever be the same for Lee Fine, aka The Cat.



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