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Created by Bill Murphy and Sean Rourke



Declan Van Helsing had a lot to live up to.  The Van Helsings were known in the shadow world for having vanquished the most dangerous vampires in the world.  But for Declan, those were only stories.  Trained as a vampire hunter, he has never had to battle with anything worse than the occasional newblood in a back alley.  He rose through the army rangers, seeing combat in numerous conflicts in clandestine war zones, and when his tour was over, he was recruited by the C.I.A.  It was while he was operating out of Egypt that the troubles began.  He saw with his own eyes the destruction of the undead soldiers of the Forgotten King.


When the Apophis Legion began appearing in other parts of the world, collecting strange relics by cover night, Washington became desperate.  It was Declan who suggested unlocking one particular vault of the Van Helsing Tomb – releasing a monster to fight a monster.  With the full support of Washington, but against the vehement opposition of his family, Declan is now responsible for handling the one who slept in that vault…Dracula.

Forgot King



From the depths of the Egyptian sands has risen a monster of incredible power.   Wrapped in the bandages and raiment of an ancient king, there is little doubt that he once ruled Egypt in the darkest corners of man’s past.  But his name does not appear on the List of Kings, suggesting that his reign was so brutal, so sacrilegious, that his name was forever stricken from history.

Why he has risen now is yet another mystery, but he has wasted no time in resurrecting a small army.  He regularly adds to his ranks, resurrecting the same soldiers sent to kill him.  He is capable of moving without a trace, somehow appearing in different places around the world with his Apophis Legion, but his targets are always ancient relics, which he collects for some unknown purpose.  Museums, churches, desolate ruins, or city centers, his forces appear in a whirlwind of sand, and kill any who stand in his path.


The abilities that he has displayed so far include the manipulation of sands, the summoning of desert creatures including snakes, scarabs, and scorpions, and the ability to raise the dead.  There have been further hints of psychic powers, but the true extent of his capabilities remain unknown.  Our only hope at this point is that Dracula can defeat him before his collection is completed, and his sinister endgame is put in motion.




Dracula is the most formidable vampire known to have walked the earth.  He was finally captured  in 1921 and imprisoned in the Van Helsing Tomb. 


Although the Delta Red team has shown incredible progress in battling the Apophis Legion, they have not proven capable of overpowering the Forgotten King, himself.  Because of this, Agent Van Helsing went against the command of his family, and opened vault 12 of the family tomb, and released Dracula.  The hope is that a monster is what is needed to kill another monster. Dracula seems to follow Agent Van Helsing instructions, albeit reluctantly and it is unknown what Declan is using to compel him. But so far, Dracula has not killed the people around him and tried to escape.  


He has been given tactical command of Delta Red, but since their blood came from another master vampire, Dracula cannot control them outright. 
Dracula has exhibited many powers, though we do not know their full extent. They include superior strength, speed, sensory perception, and the strange ability of being able to summon creatures of the night - such as bats, wolves, rats, spiders, and centipedes - as well as turn his body into an incorporeal mist. 


It is suspected that almost nothing can stop him, except for prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and a Hawthorn stake to the heart. All other means of killing Dracula have proved ineffective. It is assumed that once the Forgotten King is destroyed, Agent Van Helsing will lock Dracula back within the vaults of the family tomb, and the world will go back to normal. If that is not the case, then a contingency plan must be created.




Doctor Tannis Rand appeared, on the surface, to be a promising genetecist, making waves in the medical research community.  It was his groundbreaking work that reversed the Zombie outbreak of Edinburgh in 2012.  But unbeknownst to friends and colleagues, Dr. Rand was harboring a deadly secret: that he was the last living descendant of Count Chastel – the Werewolf of Gevaudan.

The curse of the werewolf had spared several generations, but Dr. Rand was not so lucky.  Over time, he learned to control his transformations, appearing to lead a normal life.  But between research grants and lecture tours, Dr. Rand would be compelled to kill innocent people by tooth and claw by light of the moon. 

His secret research had once been to find a way to cure his condition.  However, the more he dug, the closer he came to an elusive truth – that the werewolf was a mutation, an impure strain of a more perfect beast – a primeval creature that Dr. Rand has dubbed “The Kiloworg.”But as hard as he tried to synthesize the ancient strain from his own DNA, the original sequence remained out of his reach.

Driven to near madness in his attempt to resurrect the mythic beast, he then received a dark visit from the Forgotten King.  The King promised the secret of the Kiloworg in exchange for Dr. Tannis’ promise to destroy Dracula and the rest of Agent Van Helsing’s forces.  Dr. Rand agreed, and was given the Salve of the Beast – one of the artifacts that the Forgotten King had stolen, and the original source of all werewolves.

Dr. Rand had his prize, and in return, he kidnapped a number of unsavory mercenaries, transforming them into the dreaded Kiloworg – primal killing machines loyal only to Dr. Rand.  All that remains is for them to complete the pact and destroy Dracula and Delta Red.




When R.I.O.T. Exploded back onto the world scene in 2016, General Brown was the most senior commander with field experience pertaining to the threat.  There was no question that he should take point against Ultima Thule.  But within the same year, a new threat emerged – one that was even stranger.
The Forgotten King was a true supernatural power, and nothing like him had ever been seen…at least nothing on the official books.  Unofficially, General Brown had met an aspiring Intelligence Agent back in the early 2000’s.  The man’s name was Declan Van Helsing, and he had a few family stories that tended to come up after a third scotch.

When the Pentagon declared the Forgotten King to be a paramount threat, General Brown petitioned to take over the operation.  He called in Agent Van Helsing, and the two of them formed Monster Force.  Certain elements in the U.S. Government are not in favor of releasing old monsters to combat new ones, but if his time battling R.I.O.T. Has taught the General anything, it’s that an unconventional threat requires an unconventional response..




The Kiloworg were once soldiers of fortune, kidnapped by Dr. Tannis Rand, and subjected to the Salve of the Beast – an ancient ointment used to create the first werewolf.  


It has made them into devastating killing machines, capable of tremendous power and destruction.  A single Kiloworg soldier in his werewolf state is more than a match one-on-one with most members of Delta Red.  On the night of a full moon, they may even be capable of defeating Dracula himself.


As former private military, they are well trained in tactics and armed combat, usually carrying assault weapons into battle.  But when they get close enough to engage in hand to hand, they become truly unstoppable.  They also are able to resume their human appearance for certain periods of time, allowing them to infiltrate undetected until it’s too late.


As the Salve of the Beast is a relic of the Time of Legends, it was designed to create monsters who were loyal to some long forgotten demigod or warlord.  Therefore, the Kiloworg are unfailingly obedient to Dr. Tannis Rand, presumably unto death.


If there is a way to reverse the affects of the lycanthropy, we have yet to learn it.  In the interim, silver ordinance has been requisitioned for all members of Delta Red and Blackwatch.  A single bullet won’t drop a Kiloworg, but perhaps an entire magazine will.



B8t0n Reed is an unexpected ally. One day, in early 2017, he walked through the front doors of the Delta Red secret headquarters. He claimed to come from a future timeline where the world was enslaved by the Forgotten King.


His body is entirely synthetic, but it doesn't seem to have come from the future. According to B8t0n, physical matter cannot travel backwards in time - only information can. B8t0n claims that he is an artificial intelligence who has sent himself back in time to the earliest point in history where computers could handle his processing. Once he arrived in our timeline, he built a synthetic body using today's best resources.


He then proceeded to present himself to General Brown, in order to offer his assistance in taking down the Forgotten King before the monster can complete his sinister agenda.


As an artificial intelligence, B8t0n is quick thinking, rational, and mathematically precise, but he also appears to have emotional awareness. Whether that is some form of coding, or an actual evolved state of being, is unknown. Whatever the case, he always puts human lives ahead of his mission. It has, however, taken some training for him to view the undead members of our team in the same way.

Apophis Legion


The undead thralls of the Forgotten King have been tentatively codenamed “The Apophis Legion,” after the world-devouring demon of Egyptian mythology.  These soldiers were special forces from varied nations around the world, sent to kill the Forgotten King in the nights since his first appearance.  They were slaughtered and then resurrected, becoming the terrifying skull-faced minions of the Forgotten King.  Now, they serve him unquestioningly.

They cannot be killed by obvious means.  In fact, the only one that has been successfully destroyed was only after capture and days of exorcism.

Apart from their un-killable state, they also seem to radiate some sort of curse.  Soldiers and civilians who have come in contact with the Legion have reported unsettling visions and the hearing of voices, long after exposure.  Frightening dreams, and a compulsion to write long strings of hieroglyphics have also been observed. 

It does appear that the Apophis soldiers recall their mortal memories, because they retain the ability to operate complex weaponry and use battlefield tactics that would have been unknown in the Forgotten King’s time of origin.  As to whether they remember their individual lives outside of the ability to wage war remains an important question.




The “Venerable Tribe of the Mountain Folk,” as they call themselves, have lived in semi-secret seclusion ever since Europeans landed in America. The Appalachian tribes are now all but extinct, yet the tribe which makes its home in the Rockies still exists in limited numbers. The Bureau of Cryptid-Hominid Affairs (CBHA) puts their population at 48 remaining individuals.

Of those individuals, Chatsworth is the only one to have left his people to venture into modern America. As a Sasquatch, he tends to stand out. He might have been shot and killed in Colorado Springs, had he not spoke perfect English to the police who responded to his sighting. It turns out that Chatsworth had smuggled a television into his domicile when he was younger. He grew up on 80’s cartoons, and a steady diet of weekend adventure television, of which he credits the shows Highlander, and Renegade as his greatest influences.

When Gen. Brown discovered that a Sasquatch had come down out of the mountains, he made it a personal mission to visit and ascertain the creature’s intentions.


Chatsworth told the General that his dream was to become a bounty hunter like Lorenzo Lamas’ character on TV. Knowing a good opportunity when he saw it, Gen. Brown offered Chatsworth a place on the new team he was building.

The sheer strength that Chatsworth possesses makes him an incredible brawler and battering ram, but his love of firearms has turned him into an exceptional heavy gunner. He's able to easily lift the types of cannons typically mounted on Humvees and attack helicopters, making Chatsworth the last word in on-foot fire support.

Personality wise, Chatsworth has a big heart, and always looks to do the right thing. He loves playing with children, cares for several species of exotic birds, and has a weakness for doughnuts. He has little interest in politics, or even mission parameters, and mainly concerns himself with shooting the bad guys, laughing with his teammates, and singing karaoke.

Gen Mamba



It was a dark day, when we learned that General Mamba had reappeared.


His death had been confirmed by Argentinian coroners two years ago. His body had been shipped back to America for burial, and genetic testing confirmed his identity. He remained buried the entire time that his terrorist organization, R.I.O.T., rose to power again under the leadership of Ultima Thule. Then, last October, that changed.


For reasons that remain unknown, the Forgotten King resurrected General Mamba as one of his undead followers. Unlike the soldiers of the Apophis Legion, however, General Mamba appears to retain all of his memories and personality from his previous life. It seems that the Forgotten King has some future need of the General.


As to what that need is, we can only speculate.  But whatever the reason, General Mamba does not seem happy about it.

Mr Legacy



No one knows much about Mr. Legacy.  He appeared on the scene sometime in the mid to late 1800's.  His first confirmed appearance was in 1888, at a Writers Symposium hosted by Jules Verne.  Several of the authors there appeared to already be familiar with him, but Verne noted that "...the fact that he had to wear a mask, though not unsettling, was at least the slightest bit peculiar."


The mask he was referring to is the mask that Mr. Legacy always wears to hide his face.  Sometimes it is a white mask with ancient symbols etched into it.  Other times, it is a mask of shiny gold or silver.  He has also been seen wearing other masks from time to time, including a black mask with red, Asian dragons painted on the surface.  He admits to having been born with a specific skin condition that precludes him being exposed to light. He also says that it has left him with an off-color pigmentation that tends to be unsettling for most people to look upon.  Therefore, he will never be seen without gloves, a hat, or anything that would allow his skin to be seen by anyone.  Adding to his mystery is the fact that he has never been seen to eat or drink in public...possibly because he will not remove the mask, but no one seems to remember him even ordering food to his room at any point.  He also has a very distinct scent.  Though usually masked with expensive cologne, he tends to smell highly oxidized, like the air after a lightning storm.


Since that first recorded appearance, he has been seen here and there throughout Europe, and was even in London when Jack the Ripper began his notorious rampage.  Mr. Legacy, having such secretive and mysterious habits,immediately became a suspect.  That was later resolved however, as he left the country and was in New York for the final few Murders.


Other related reports pepper the history books, making Mr. Legacy something of an enigmatic character of the turn of the century.  His travels seem to have taken him all over the country, and in fact, many parts of the world. He tends to be sighted in the company of great thinkers and writers, seemingly interested in all manner of subjects.  H.G. Wells noted that"...the character of Mr. Legacy is that of the consummate observer.  He is, in all matters, a Bystander of History."

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